It takes a lot to get two tired ladies through every day. As they say, it takes a village. This page is full of the resources that keep us motivated, recovering, smiling, feeling, or being. Depending on what we need in that minute. 



A workout music app that offers tons of DJ mixes in a variety of genres as well as customized mixes based on your running pace. A GAME CHANGER for #exerciseforenjoyment, something we're all about at TNG.


The Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals

Daily readings and liturgy focused on anti-oppression, social justice, and nonviolence throughout the seasonal year. Explicitly Christian in nature, but has lots to offer us contemplative growth-seeking types of all faiths. Also exists as a hardcover or softcover book. 


HOME Podcast

This podcast saved me in early sobriety. Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen interview authorities in addiction, recovery, alternative methods of healing, along with periodic episodes about early recovery, surviving holidays sober, and the compulsion of dating narcissistic men. If you're ready to examine your deeper motives for unhealthy compulsions, this is your podcast.