Jamie Amos

In 2014, Jamie stopped drinking for the longest period since she was 14 years old ("longest period" wasn't very long, maybe one week). With her outward life mostly in tact, sobriety exposed anxiety, depression, and total lack of coping skills. Obsessively searching the internet revealed a lack of women speaking openly about their experiences with addiction and mental health. This didn't seem right. 

Now she's a writer committed to recovering out loud because we change the stigma of addiction and mental health through our stories. The dysfunction of addiction survives in its secrecy, and we are only as sick as our secrets. 

In her day job, she works in marketing for higher education. Her fiction has appeared in The Greensboro ReviewCold Mountain Review, and storySouth, among others. Articles about recovery have been featured at IntheNola and Klen & Sobr. She lives in New Orleans, blogs at The Neutral Ground, and photographs her pit bull constantly on Instagram.



Nikki enjoys breakfast tacos and wearing necklaces in sets of three. Her Google search history often contains things like "cool facts about fruit bats" and "how can I get my 10-month-old baby to stop shrieking?" She has, at various times in her life, lived in a Christian commune, performed aerial silks and trapeze, and birthed a baby in her living room. 

Now, Nikki works full time in special education and other-time as 1/2 of The Neutral Ground. She's a born-and-bred New Orleanian and met Jamie when they were both in the MFA program for fiction writing at the University of New Orleans. They reconnected several years later, realized they were the same kind of crazy, and started TNG. Nikki writes about parenting, faith, identity, and wellness. She's been a guest poster at Punky Moms and Offbeat Home, and contributes to an online workshop of badass women writers called Pussy Warriors. 

Nikki has recently admitted to herself that she's a 2-iced-coffee-a-day person, and she's okay with that.