What's up with the kombucha thing?

Well, we're a bit tongue-in-cheek around here. We don't take ourselves too seriously. And we want to convey that wellness is just as much about what you leave (the bullshit) as what you take (the kombucha, if you like it. If you don't, you could also take a bubble bath. Or a walk. Whatever you're into, basically). 


Are you both in recovery? 

Nope. Just Jamie. Unless we broaden recovery to include the kind of introspection and personal growth Nikki has undertaken most of her life (which we do!). 

Why can't I find you guys on Facebook?

Eek. Yeah, so... Nikki and Jamie aren't on Facebook. I know, bloggers choosing to forgo social media is kind of weird, but it's a choice we made individually way before we started this site. Social media platforms are kind of like donuts--they're all fine, but we each have our favorites. We're both on Instagram and Jamie's on Twitter, but Facebook isn't our thing. We'd much prefer to stay in touch by Instagram or our contact page. 




Is this a recovery/parenting/
lifestyle/etc. site? 

Yes. And no. And yes. We're drawn together by our need to make our outsides match our insides, a complex, situational, daily practice that includes writing about our lives as we're processing them. This means you'll see recurring topics like recovery, parenting, balancing busy lives, living simply, and other things. Primarily, this is a site about women moving toward the center of ourselves. 


Are you both parents? 

Nope. Just Nikki. Unless you count Jamie's dogs, which.. why not? She's fine if you think she's a weirdo for treating her dogs like children. 


We would love to hear from you. Seriously. This whole thing is about connecting with our tribe and listening to each other. You can find us through our Instagram accounts (@jamie_amos and @cypress_knees), on our Contact page above, or our contact page