ICYMI: Tattoos at Transformation-Is-Real

  Visit Transformation-Is-Real to read my essay  on tattoos and transformation

Visit Transformation-Is-Real to read my essay on tattoos and transformation

The incredibly generous recovery warrior Daniel Maurer at Transformation-Is-Real asked me to write about all these tattoos on my body. A simple request, right? Um, no. It took me a month and then some because we've had a rough summer as a country and who gives a shit about tattoos at this point? That's not an attitude I generally take. I know we can care deeply about what's happening in Charlottesville and Houston and still need to talk about recovery and addiction and the transformations often marked on our bodies in ink. So, once I put to rest the idea that suffering is a zero-sum game, I knew something deeper lurked beneath my hesitation. 

When I was 22, I got drunk in a hotel room and chose a tattoo that takes up the entire lower half of my back. Over time it has faded to a marbled prison-blue ink splotch of which I was deeply ashamed. The few times over the years I've shown it to friends, they've cringed a little and asked, "What is it?" Then they inevitably say, "You know you can get that covered." 

I've got a much better sense of humor about it now. One day in the gym, Nikki gleefully demanded to see this abomination. "What,"  she asked, "is it one of those terrible 90s fairies?" She cackled maniacally when I showed her that's exactly what it is. Yes, she did. I know. Whatever bothered me about having this damn thing had passed because I was able to cackle right along with her. It's kind of funny because it's there. It just is. 

So, I started thinking about where these other tattoos on my body came from, a few serious and others comical, and finally finished that essay for Dan, who is a wonderful writer himself and worthy of your reading time. 

Need a good chuckle today? Well, visit Transformation-Is-Real where my essay reveals the back piece hidden for a decade. And I swear to god, if I end up on one of those tattoos of Wal-mart memes, I will hunt you people down and give you the worst tittie twister of your LIFE!