Midweek Mashup: Nikki

Nikki has a long-running game with one of her best friends where they periodically send each other screen shots of their recent Google search history, usually to great comic effect. But it's also a lighthearted way to check in with one another, see how the week has been going, and get an idea of what's been on the other person's mind. 

This is kind of like that. Each week, Jamie and Nikki will scour our laptops, phones, and bookshelves to share a few of our current favorite things. We'd love it if you did the same in the comments! 

In my professional life this past week, I've been doing a lot of big-picture, long term planning for our transition program for students with disabilities, which means I've been drooling over  sensory room inspiration. Sensory rooms are spaced designed intentionally to either stimulate, deprive, or integrate sensory experiences, depending on the need of the individual. They often incorporate elements like light projection, aromatherapy, and tactile tools like swings, textured objects, or yoga balls. They have a host of specific benefits for people who are not neurotypical, but anyone can appreciate their relaxing and calming effects. I can't tell you how many of these ideas I want to steal for my own bedroom. 

I have to credit Marc for introducing me to this one, and I was really skeptical at first because I don't often listen to podcasts and I thought it was going to be one of those things that bores the pants off me and then makes me feel guilty for being bored because it's informative and smart people should find it interesting. But surprise! None of that is true and Sawbones is a crazy addictive, fun show about medical history. A few tantalizing topics include: Laughing Plagues, Vaseline, Tinnitus, and King Louis XIV's Anal Fistula. YOU'RE WELCOME.

This is a new thing I'm exploring after a good friend told me about it. Unfuck Your Habitat was originally a book with the tagline "terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes", which speaks to my innermost soul. It then spawned a very active tumblr community as well as an app with cleaning "challenges" designed to help you tackle projects in the small available chunks of time you have in each day. I used to be a die-hard marathon cleaner who preferred to set aside an entire half-day each week for chores, but now that there are two tiny humans in my life, that method is becoming less and less practical.