Midweek Mashup: Twitterpated

Each week, Jamie and Nikki scour our laptops, phones, and bookshelves to share a few of our current favorite things. We'd love it if you did the same in the comments! 

I know that this scene in Bambi is focused on the romantic flights of fancy that occur in the springtime, but I think "twitterpated" could be an apt word to describe something broader than that. In recent years I've started paying more attention to the cycles of nature as part of my spiritual life. And even though New Orleans really only has two seasons: Holy Shit It's Hot and Not Quite As Fucking Hot, I've been contemplating what the start of spring means. For me, this year, it's all about excitement for change. Things that I've wanted to start for years suddenly feel doable. Things that don't serve me are getting easier to let go of. And since it's Mardi Gras season here, everywhere I look there's beautiful people in elaborate costumes celebrating life and community. I'm totally twitterpated on my world right now. 

In keeping with that whole excitement for change thing, I've apparently decided that this is the year I tackle my emotional eating and sugar addiction. This may or may not have lots to do with reading Jamie's incredible writing on recovery since starting this blog and realizing that everything she's saying about alcohol is totally how I feel about ice cream. No, really. And now that I am in charge of two tiny human lives as well as a challenging job, I have lost all patience with the constant fatigue and cravings that come with my daily relationship with sugar and simple carbs. There's a better existence out there for me, and I aim to find it. I know from past experiences that a paleo-style diet works well for me to cut sugar cravings and replace those foods with meals that still feel hearty and nourishing, so I'm embarking on the Whole 30 program for Lent this year. 


I'm also starting preparation for my backyard garden this week. I did a lot of trial and error last year that I hope will hone my skills for this season, starting with the realization that the soil in my garden beds is way too compacted and needs to be tilled and possibly fertilized before I plant. It turns out my assumption that if the top inch of soil looks vaguely like the pictures I've seen in Martha Stewart Living everything will grow fine is not entirely accurate. One resource I'm using is this planting guide on what to plant each month of the year in South Louisiana. 


- I know we talk about What's Underneath a lot (because it's incredible), but this week's episode featuring Dillard University professor and New Orleanian Terri Coleman blew me away. 

- We received Eleanor's first issue of Chop Chop in the mail this week, which is a cooking magazine for kids. I'm hoping it inspires her to veer from her current aspirations to subsist wholly on grilled cheese sandwiches and apples for the rest of her life.

- If you're looking for kid-friendly music that won't make your ears bleed,. check out Elizabeth Mitchell's album Little Seeds: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie. 

- For Valentine's Day, Marc splurged and bought me the most expensive lingerie set I've ever owned, from Lonely. They're a New Zealand-based company that enforces a strict code of ethics for their production and maintains a diverse, size-inclusive marketing platform. 

- I often refer to liturgy or devotionals to reflect on a season or spiritual holiday, and I really like this one for Imbolc, the Celtic start of spring.