Midweek Mashup: Nikki

Nikki has a long-running game with one of her best friends where they periodically send each other screen shots of their recent Google search history, usually to great comic effect. But it's also a lighthearted way to check in with one another, see how the week has been going, and get an idea of what's been on the other person's mind. 

This is kind of like that. Each week, Jamie and Nikki will scour our laptops, phones, and bookshelves to share a few of our current favorite things. We'd love it if you did the same in the comments! 

Admittedly, much of my brain space this past week has been occupied by the Women's March and all that it meant. Like many, I am now craving practical ways to turn the energy I experienced on Saturday into meaningful action. I am also a recovering political cynic with an extremely limited amount of free time, so I'm also looking to other, more knowledgeable folks to tell me what actions are actually worth doing. Right now on the Women's March website, the first of 10 actions is laid out for you, step-by-step in lovely minimalist graphic design that makes the whole thing feel very manageable and non-threatening. If even just half of the women who marched actually followed through with these 10 actions, I think we could make some serious headway.

I've also been looking into homeschool curriculum, as that is one of the options we're considering for Eleanor next year as she starts kindergarten. I've always been really interested in homeschooling, but once Marc and I were both working I thought that was out of the question. Recently, though, my mom has told me that she's willing and able to help with homeschooling Eleanor if that's the route we think is best, which is a game changer. @myheartshomestead and @thewalnuthive are two IG accounts that I've been homeschool daydreaming through for a while now, and I've started creepin' on some Montessori homeschool blogs like Stir The Wonder in order to get a vision for what this could look like for us. 

There's an essay brewing in me about my journey towards exercising for enjoyment rather than body control, and with that comes the slow, stubborn acknowledgement on my part that I just only have so much damn time right now to devote to this. These days I know that if nothing else, I have time to lift weights on Mondays and go for a run on Sundays, and I love using this app from Nike to track my progress. It's simple, intuitive, can connect with Spotify and provide music matched to your run pace, and sometimes when I do a good job Kevin Hart congratulates me in a comical yet heartfelt way.


- I've been hooked on The Young Pope recently. So much drama! So much camp!

- In my new quest to read a book a month, I started Icelander by Dustin Long, which was given to me back in July by a friend, is entirely outside of my usual literary tastes, and is thoroughly enjoyable so far. 

- Jemima Kirke was on What's Underneath this week, and I just love her. 

- Ericka Hart's speech at the Philadelphia Women's March was brutally convicting, and gave me much to think about.